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Data of the Teen Fiction corpus cannot be shared publicly because the copyright is held by the authors. In accordance to the European GDPR, data of the comments corpus cannot be shared publicly because this will expose underage users to possible identification. The end of deep reading is a commonplace in public debates, whenever societies talk about youth, books, and the digital age. In contrast to this, we show for the first time and in detail, how intensively young readers write and comment literary texts at an unprecedented scale. We present several analyses of how fiction is transmitted through the social reading platform Wattpad, one of the largest platforms for user-generated stories, including novels, fanfiction, humour, classics, and poetry. By mixed quantitative and qualitative methods and scalable reading we scrutinise texts and comments on Wattpad, what themes are preferred in 13 languages, what role does genre play for readers behaviour, and what kind of emotional engagement is prevalent when young readers share stories. Our results point out the rise of a global reading culture in youth reading besides national preferences for certain topics and genres, patterns of reading engagement, aesthetic values and social interaction. When reading Teen Fiction social-bonding affective interaction is prevalent, when reading Classics social-cognitive interaction collective intelligence is prevalent. There are at least 30 million books almost always ignored when talking about how and how much people read nowadays. This bibliographic treasure is a fast and steadily growing collection of short stories, novels, and poems published on the online platform Wattpad.

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Subscriber Account active since. Anna Todd, author of the “After” series. But it did. Paramount even recently purchased the rights to turn ” After ” into a movie. Todd’s fanfic success story is far from a fluke. Publishing houses and movie studios are increasingly looking online for fresh stories that have a built-in fan base.

EXCLUSIVE: Two popular Wattpad stories, Jessica Cunsolo’s She’s With Me and H.J. Nelson’s The Last She, are headed to television.

Happy National Dog Day! Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Fake? Chrissy Teigen Questions if Agents are Real. Every few years, the world seems to forget about horny teenage girls. They are a formidable force, not to be underestimated, and yet time, and time again we act surprised when they flex their collective muscles. Case in point: Twilight , and by extension, 50 Shades of Grey , a cultural phenomenon that would never have been possible without them. Wattpad is a website where writers can post their work for readers to consume for free, and in return, readers can leave comments alongside the text as they read.

This Harry was a manipulative, brooding bad boy, and he pulled Tessa into a world of drinking, sex, and a general vibe of emo-ness. Anyone familiar with fanfiction knows the above trope-heavy story is a staple of any fandom. The world may forget about horny teenage girls, but fandom never does. Fandom is horny teenage girls, and collectively they provide each other with the stories they want to see.

Obviously, there are plenty of people in fandom who are neither horny, a teenager, or a girl, but I maintain that that is the general vibe of the experience.

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Images: Hachette Romans. The deal will see Wattpad stories, originally created on the massive reading-and-writing platform, produced as books in print and digital formats. With more than 55 million users active in its monthly audience, 90 percent of them on mobile, the advent of Wattpad Studios in the spring of has consolidated and expanded the reach of the Toronto-based company, leading it past its former self-description as a social network revolving around the reading and writing of stories to what the staff now calls a global multiplatform entertainment company.

I love wattpad but a lot of the books I’m reading on there are not completed. Forever I’ll Be Your Prince, Forever Be My Princess; She’s Dating The Gangster; Talk Back and You’re Dead (has book 2) Never Various exclusive new comics!

Where stories live. Discover the world’s most-loved social storytelling platform. Wattpad connects a global community of 80 million readers and writers through the power of story. Download it today to start reading or writing original stories. Get your story discovered Have your own story to tell? Get it discovered through the power of community and technology on Wattpad. Share an original story on Wattpad and share it with our community who are there to cheer you on throughout your writing journey.

Think your story could be the next blockbuster? Wattpad Studios discovers untapped, unsigned, and talented writers on Wattpad and connects them to global multi-media entertainment companies. Read original stories Discover stories in over fifty languages from writers around the world! Connect with a community of story-lovers When you join Wattpad, you become a member of an international community of story-lovers.

Start your own free library Save your favorite stories to keep them with you wherever you go.

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By Todd Spangler. NY Digital Editor. According to Wattpad, 70 million monthly users engage with stories across all genres — generating billions of data points daily about fan interactions.

Steve Jobs famously once said that people don’t read anymore, but it of a new program offering exclusive stories, called Wattpad Next. to date being published as books or turned into TV shows, movies and Privacy Policy · Terms of Service · Extra Crunch Terms · Do not sell my info · Code of Conduct.

Wattpad is a website and app for writers to publish new user-generated stories. The platform claims to have an audience of more than 80 million users, who can directly interact with the writers and share their opinions with fellow readers. From December to , the slogan for the Wattpad website was “Stories you’ll love. In mid, the website became the target of the largest data breach, which left million records exposed to cyberattackers. Wattpad developed in , as the result of a collaboration between Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen.

In February , Wattpad announced the addition of over 17, e-books from Project Gutenberg making them available to mobile users. In December , Windows Phone 8. Currently, Wattpad has more than 65 million users [13] who as part of the Wattpad community collectively spend 15 billion minutes each month using Wattpad. Since then, some Wattpad stories have also been adapted into teleseries.

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We have updated our Privacy Policy. For more details click here. Allan Lau, CEO and Co-founder of Wattpad, recently visited the Philippines to talk about the success of Wattpad , and how the Philippines is a key region for this Canadian-based storytelling platform. Wattpad, a global multiplatform entertainment company with more than 65 million monthly users worldwide, continues its growth in the Philippines with 7 over million monthly users.

This makes the Philippines the second largest market after the United States. Albeit already remarkable, wattpaders in the country is expected to continuously grow.

Take Wikipedia, which has used volunteer editing and the collaborative wikiformat to Later waves of fans showed no signs of slowing down. and fic-​hosting websites like , Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad, writing about should be solo and original is comparatively young and culturally bound, dating back.

For Hollywood development executives, however, Wattpad has come to serve an altogether different purpose. Since launching its dedicated entertainment division Wattpad Studios two years ago, the self-publishing platform has evolved into a one-stop shop for fresh IP: an influential incubator for original storytelling with a decidedly Gen Y bent that media bosses are increasingly turning to for new TV shows, movies, and digital series.

To wit: the success of The Kissing Booth , a story turned book series written by then year-old Beth Reekles that was read 19 million times on Wattpad before being adapted into an original film by Netflix. In June, Wattpad entered into a partnership giving the Munich-based multi-platform entertainment company Bavaria Fiction exclusive access to more than a million German-language stories on the site.

The CW network has experimented with adapting Wattpad-generated content into pilots and web series for its digital channel CW Seed since last summer. Which could all be attributed to standard operating procedure in an era when traditional entertainment conglomerates are increasingly turning to digital-first media — blogs, YouTube, even Snapchat — in the hopes of finding diamond-in-the-rough content. By actively commenting — often paragraph by paragraph over the course of, say, a page online book — Wattpad readers function as a highly motivated focus group, helping dictate plotlines, vetting characters, and even the deletion of scenes.

We can draw up two casting videos of two potential female leads. Contrast that development process with the relatively speculative M. Historically, the decision to tweak or finesse these projects ultimately comes down to the intuitive choices of just a few people in positions of power.

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If you buy an item via this post, we may get a small affiliate fee. Fanfiction also known as fanfic is a phenomenon of digital times. Fanfiction is any kind of work that is inspired by books, films, TV shows, music, and celebrities. Copyright is the most sensitive issue when it comes to fanfiction. Any kind of work using characters or plot from a book written by someone else, is infringing the copyrights.

Same with celebrities.

Wattpad scores its largest deal with a European publisher, and in France, A Publishing Perspectives exclusive: Wattpad scores its largest deal with a “And last but not least,” Terouanne says, “the YA/millennial audience is our “We’ll also be keeping Hachette up-to-date on titles resonating with other.

There are a few necessary items on the copyright page, and others that publishers add for various reasons. In a guest post, Joanne Bolton supplied some useful information for books that are printed overseas, and you can find her post here: Copyright Page Requirements for Books Printed Overseas. To see the place of the copyright page within the book as a whole, check out An Unabridged List of the Parts of a Book. The only elements required on a copyright page are the copyright notice itself:.

And some statement giving notice that the rights to reproduce the work are reserved to the copyright holder. Feel free to copy and paste these into your book file. Just remember to put your own information in. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Ordering Information: Quantity sales. Special discounts are available on quantity purchases by corporations, associations, and others. For details, contact the publisher at the address above. Orders by U.

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Molly Night has found early success with her fan fiction on Wattpad. Yes, her novel is Twilight -inspired—but with a savvy twist. Its success was driven solely by word of mouth among other Wattpad users—many of whom are fellow Directioners. Fan fics are produced at astonishing rates, and the One Direction canon is no exception. Radish users can either pay up front for access to a new chapter or wait a week and read it for free.

with them, did you also publish on Amazon or is it an exclusive deal? Why helped more than Wattpad, and what that could mean for Wattpad seems to be a fantastic platform; it simply didn’t work for me (to date). Apparently young people across the globe are reading more, not less, and.

Therefore, we invite you to submit a revised version of the manuscript that addresses the points raised during the review process. Many thanks again for submitting your paper. The reviewers agree, in general, that the article needs to be reworked and revised before publication. Please take a look at the detailed reviewers comments, I hope they will be self-explanatory, and have the article proof-read.

We would appreciate receiving your revised manuscript by Sep 09 PM. If you would like to make changes to your financial disclosure, please include your updated statement in your cover letter. To enhance the reproducibility of your results, we recommend that if applicable you deposit your laboratory protocols in protocols. A rebuttal letter that responds to each point raised by the academic editor and reviewer s.

This letter should be uploaded as separate file and labeled ‘Response to Reviewers’. A marked-up copy of your manuscript that highlights changes made to the original version. This file should be uploaded as separate file and labeled ‘Revised Manuscript with Track Changes’. An unmarked version of your revised paper without tracked changes. This file should be uploaded as separate file and labeled ‘Manuscript’. Please note while forming your response, if your article is accepted, you may have the opportunity to make the peer review history publicly available.

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Read hot and popular stories about fake-dating on Wattpad. no, really, they have no feelings whatsoever towards each other. but that’s not what the public thi​.

To unlock new installments, a reader might invite friends to read, watch ads, complete some other offer, or simply wait. Since its launch in October , Tapas Media has gathered about 23, creators; readers spend about 30 minutes per month reading in the app, and they open the app about 20 times per month. Not many American authors are familiar with Tapas Media, probably because it first gained its foothold in South Korea—plus, its primary niche has been comics.

In May, Tapas announced new functionality for creators to self-publish through their platform. Up until now, it was only possible to publish your work on the platform by submitting it to the Tapas content team; now any author can create an account, set up a new work, and begin uploading episodes of either a novel or comic. Creators can elect to have advertising displayed in their work and receive 30 percent of the revenue. Episodes of premium or paid content do not carry ads.

Depending on various factors, the creator earns between 60 and 85 percent of the real-world monetary value of the tip. But the value of the virtual currency, as you might imagine, is rather small—a fraction of a cent. We had a hour tipping event in February where the goal was for readers to tip 2.

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